ATC at San Francisco International

I recently did a little spotting during a trip through KSFO and was amazed at the precision and efficiency of their Air Traffic Control system. If you’re looking for a great challenge, here is a good way to utilize all runways and move traffic like the professionals at KSFO!

1L/1R: Small-Large Departures
28L: Heavy Departures
28L/R: All Arrivals

Ensure all arrivals and heavy departures (28L) are beyond the intersection or have committed to exiting prior to the intersection before departing 1L/R traffic. Use the line up and wait command for aircraft on 1L/R to prepare them for a speedy departure between your arrivals.

Happy Controlling!



Love SFO. It’s a great airport other than weather delays.

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Great tutorial! This makes ATC one step closer to real life!


I enjoy controlling at SFO. This adds to my excitement for extra realism.