Atc at PHOG Gusty Winds

Learning Atc Ground and Tower…All commercial aircraft…Please file a flight plan as only GA aircraft fly VFR…Only doing pattern work for GA Aircraft Only!! All other aircraft should have a Flight plan…Thank you…

What about Mil aircraft…is it optional or required?

Mil is optional…Thanks for that reminder

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Post where you will be controlling somewhere…and l will try to drop by and do some patterns for your practice…

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I dont like pattern work because it comes from commercial aircraft…Mil and GA Aircraft cam do patterns…There is no way an Airline is goung to let their Aircraft do patterns…The Feul alone would kill them

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Good luck with that in IF 😂


Pretty sure you’re from a foreign contry, but i cant understand your spelling nor grammar.

What is “Feul” If I may ask?


False. Commercial aircraft can absolutely do patterns. It can be during test flights, break-in phases, etc, in the real world. Don’t take it as an excuse to deny people a basic service. If you want, let’s pull up video of the A350’s maiden flight around Toulouse to verify this, in addition to bringing in our commercial pilots.

By definition, GA is exactly what it means. If a private pilot wants to buy a Citation X jet and do laps, that’s fine. If somebody can afford a $200,000,000 plane and fly solo, sure. IF is a concept where no real airlines exist to actually carry a mass quantity of passengers.


Feul is fuel…guess you never played anagrams…

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Do not know where you got that idea… considering it probably costs the better part of a million dollars to train an exemplary airline pilot… an airline would rather spend money on fuel than have a pilot unfamiliar with patterns… crash the airliner and then they would have to settle over a hundred lawsuits or be in court for years…

Thats why they use “realistic flight sims” then use Cessnas to train

Southwest has over 8500 pilots - hot tip - they aren’t sending out 30 a day to do 15 circuits of patternwork at Dallas Love in a few 737s? No, it’s called a Simulator. And on top of that, a lot of airlines require the ‘type rating’ to apply - meaning they don’t spend 3 months teaching you to be rated to fly a 737, you already have the qualification. On top of this, an airline pilot is likely to have in excess of 3000-5000 total hours minimum… they are VERY familiar with patterns - you learn it in about your 4th hour of your private pilot training!

In terms of @JoshFly8 comment, yes commercial aircraft patterns happen yes, but let’s be realistic here, it’s the exception not the norm. Of course new aircraft like the A350 will be doing pattern work in testing and certification phase, and yes likely a few circuits at a few Airlines base fields to familiarise the training captains prior to other pilots gaining certification training, but nowhere in the world is there routinely commercial aircraft just being taken up for a few hot laps by pilots.

Aircraft fuel, and more so than that, an aircraft cycle / operation / flight / landing (whichever you want to call it) is a very expensive thing. Aircraft only have so many hours and cycles in them before they get retired - not to mention the need for expensive scheduled servicing in between as a result of these cycles.

It’s the norm for IF. I couldn’t care less- I work as air traffic control to service pilots, not to cripple them. We’ll take whatever kind of traffic comes at us and simply work it in.


Except for cesnas. I think @GHamsz would agree.

I swear I’m going to come pester you both in a cessna for hours on end.

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Dykstra sent me a pic of AF1 doing patterns at KSTL of all places.

Lmao that should say “Fuel”

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