ATC at PHL all Day In Expert

Can Someone Be atc for 5 Hours at PHL

It’s Very Very Hard To do ATC For 5 hours at the same Location…

Very Tired…

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IFATC controllers are volunteers and can choose to open any airport in their respective region at any time. It is entirely controller discretion as to when and where they open. It is possible that somebody will provide service to KPHL, but keep in mind that there’s no guarantee! Controllers have lives too.


Do you mind me asking why you want it for 5 hours?


That is really asking a lot. Might want to add more details just to get a response.

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Lets do like real Life Everyday Big International airports Active like XP11 too

If we had the old schedule this would have been possible most of the time. @Infiniteflight_sju


Why do you want ATC for 5 hours though?

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Just to have fun

If it’s fun, possibly you could join IFATC and attempt for 5 hours 🙂


We are approaching 500 members in IFATC so if you apply now you could become our 500th member and you could try control for 5 hours, if this is something your interested in then follow the topic below ;)


5 hours 😳, that’s a long time to be controlling PHL especially if traffic is low.

Not sure if you understand how long five hours is for ATC. It is much different in terms of how long time passes compared to flying (from experience).

Have a nice night.



P.S. Don’t make my tired man @I_AM_KOREAN_FOX (who is the best ATC) control right now! It’s too late!!! 🤣


I would definitely encourage joining IFATC. I am gonna apply soon when I feel ready, but I know all this prep and studying is worth it.

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