Hi Everyone
I want to invite you to come to Tehran’s Imam Khomeini Intl. Airport (OIIE). A really large airport in Tehran, Iran with many International scheduled flights. It has 2 14,000ft (nearly) long runways. Below is a list of realistic flights (with aircraft) from/to Tehran. Spawning in one of the below aircraft will be much appreciated but feel free to spawn in with any aircraft you like.

-Aeroflot Airbus A320 (Moscow SVO)

-Air France 777-200ER (Paris CDG)

-Alitalia A321 (Rome FCO)

-Austrian Airlines A321 (Vienna)

-British Airways Boeing 777-200/-300 ER (London LHR)

-Emirates Boeing 777-300ER (Dubai) (Occasionally A380 to Dubai)

-KLM 777-300ER (Amsterdam)

-Lufthansa 747-400 (Frankfurt)

-S7 Airlines A319 (Moscow DME)

-Thai Airways 777-200ER (Bangkok)

-Aerologic 777-200F (Frankfurt)

-Lufthansa Cargo 777-200F (Frankfurt, Maastricht)

-Turkish Airlines Cargo A330-200F (Hanoi, Istanbul, Karachi)

-Qatar Airways Cargo A330-200F (Doha, Hong Kong)

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Can you post a screenshot of IKA. I’m curious how it looks like.

Here it is @Ark_of_Ahmed.IF

I’m joining with S7 A319

Hello. I was Test Flight 1 flying with S7 Airbus A319.
Your controlling (well, 3 minutes) was so bad. My feedback:

I requested takeoff and remain in the pattern. You cleared me for takeoff and right traffic.
I made left traffic (I am so sorry, had a lapsus) so I just said “I’m sorry” and was going to report position, so you know I turned wrong and cleared me for the option. Instead of that, you told me “frequency change approve”. Then I reported position and intention again “left downwind rwy29L, touch & go”. Anyway, you didn’t answer after 2 minutes.

You definitely got to improve your skills so much.
First, if someone requests you to remain in pattern, that means they want to make T&Gs. You can’t tell them “frequency change approve” after takeoff. They’re waiting for your order to sequence you after any other aircraft or clearing you for the option.

I invite you to check out Infinite Flight ATC Tutorials →

Thanks for your time

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I’m sorry. Hopefully next time will be better. I did experience some connection problems in my defense. I will try to improve but also I didn’t receive many of your messages.

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