ATC at non FNF airports

Hi, there’s currently ATC at Munich any there’s only ground and tower at LTFM. Why is this?

It’s like this because EDDM is one of the destinations on 1 of the established routes.


IFATC have certain schedules.

IFATC is basically a voluntary system, so sometimes there won’t be much ATC at a certain airport if there isn’t much demand for it.

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Even if the airport is the featured FNF one?

  1. Ground, tower and approach are open at LTFM

  2. Another controller, seeing that these are covered, opens EDDM, another of the featured airports

  3. Approach at LTFM closes for a moment because controllers aren’t robots with zero other obligations

  4. There’s a momentary period where Approach is offline at LTFM, which will probably be, and probably already was, filled in the time it took to create this thread.

(5. The controller who opened EDDM does not receive the bat signal that he must instantly close because there was a momentary lack of approach at another field.)


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