ATC at New Orleans

Hello IFC,

I wanted to make this topic to give a shout-out to the tower controller at KMSY, @Sashaz55!

He was in a very stressful position when approach logged off since everyone raced for the runway, not to mention he just opened. I was in a group flight with a lot of people and he handled us flawlessly. Everyone made it and the mess became controlled very quickly.

If anyone has been in this situation before, they know that controlling all three frequencies on the main hub with all that traffic is no easy task. I commend you Sasha and what you did is what I hope to do whenever I control busy airports.

You’re a beast! Keep it up!


Indeed! Just look at this chaos 😳


Lets goo Sasha 💪💪💪💪



Awesome job, @Sashaz55!


That’s insane @Sashaz55! You deserve a high five 🙌

I can only applaud. I wasn’t there, but I can imagine it’s super stressful controlling the planes into line. It’s becoming a common theme throughout once approach has logged off on expert server, everyone then decide to race who first to land. Please act with maturity & if there’s too many for some, just divert and land the nearest airport (if possible). Mods should monitor such behaviour& penalise those who decided rules doesn’t apply once approach/tower go offline. If it’s too crowded or dangerous, divert elsewhere! Or the very least circle and wait or switch the game off.


Well done @Sashaz55 for your efforts!!

GREAT AS ALWAYS @Sashaz55 always enjoy your ATC!

Entire USA ATC Staff

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Thank you @Drummer for showcasing a part of the amazing work of all the IFATC controllers! Not what most #atc topics are about, but definitely something they well deserve and something I always like to see here on the IFC.


Yes thank you for everyone’s ATC at MSY today! I know the event caused quite a bit of chaos. You all did a great job!

Wow guys! I really wasn’t expecting this response. Thanks for all the nice comments! 😊


Nice job Sasha!

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Amazing job Sasha! Keep it up 👍

It’s always good to build people up and spread positivity!


Chaos? That’s pretty organized imo. It’ll make for a good IFATCEG post 👀


It definitely will! It’ll be an inspiration to all controllers who get in a very busy situation and how to stay calm and work through it!

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Mad legend. We should make an IFATC Hall of Fame and make @Sashaz55 the first entry (or at least one of the first few entries.)

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Excellent job😆😊. @Sashaz55

It was done so seamlessly.


I don’t really think I deserve that, but thank you so much guys!

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