ATC at London LHR problem

Good morning, there is a problem with this airport today. As I was about to land in London Heathrow, this A350 cut me off in front of me and I had to slow down all the away to avoid a collision. Then the next thing happened was that my plane started jerked left and right and was about to crash. So now I had to end the flight right there immediately to avoid being reported.

Good morning!
Was this on training server? If so, we can’t do much about it unfortunately.
If this was on expert, I’d recommend contacting the controller at the time. Hope this helps

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Hi! Can you provide the rough time when this happened so we can work out who your controller was? We will tag them and you can discuss it via pm with them.

No this was on expert server. Seriously, there should’ve been an approach active if this airport is going to be packed like this instead of trolls flying all over the place and causing me to almost collide in to another aircraft like that because it doesn’t look right. The ATC at London has to get those planes organized by giving them Arrival and departure procedures to make it organized so that the pilots don’t fly over causing a near collision.

Your controller was @Panther

This has happened at 7:38 AM which is 1138Z

Ok, I will DM @Panther

Okay as @Raze said Panther was your controller. Drop him a pm with your concerns and he’ll get back to you once he’s finished his controlling session.

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Also I’m your ground controller

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Then, @Panther was my Tower controller at LHR airport? Because if approach would’ve been active, then there would have been separation. By then, I would have landed safely in Heathrow and parked at the gate and ended my flight. Since, there is no approach active, then there is no way that I would safely land this plane and then the next thing happens is a Level 3 violation which means that I get kicked out of the server demoted from Grade 5 to Grade 2 for a week.

You’ve been instructed to contact the controller. We are all listening to a one sided story, which can create speculation and overall trouble. Not trying to be rude, but it’s not our issue, and not our business for something you experienced whilst under the control of a controller the community is helping you get in contact with. :)

Approach just hasn’t been active at Heathrow today, we’re all volunteers and don’t want to begin controlling something we may not have control over. We all have our limits. 🙂


Ok then, this topic can be closed

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Happened to me aswell. I had to circle twice over Essex so that I wasn’t too close and I would have to go around. Was annoying that center or approach weren’t online because it was basically a free for all

Any issues with EGLL over the past 1-2 hours, please PM me


Nah it was fine apart from that thanks

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Sometimes, there aren’t controllers as we are all voluntary controllers. We only have about 100 radar controllers out of 500.

There is a Approach frequency now though!

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I saw that and obviously I understand. But it was just a bit annoying because there were 200+ planes coming in after I landed

Yeah. Nothing much you can do unfortunately. The tower controller was doing his best.