ATC at London City Airport maliciously reported me【solved】

I have already waited LCA’s ATC for a long time, he didnt reply me for a long…long time from taxi to take off.Then When I got on the runway, he gave me a three-level report!!!


Contact the controller that controlled at that time.

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Hey, please contact the controller privately or appeals if you feel this was an unfair violation.

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A public thread is not he way to solve this…

It is always better to begin with a DM to your controller to try to understand the situation.

@ appeals can be added to your message if not satisfied from the discussion.

If you DO decide to make a public thread, at least tag your controller…



What Levi and J-F said.

Here’s info

Spamming ATC messages is not the way to go. Surely they may have a reason for this.

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Sorry for appealing in a wrong way.