ATC at KTPA(closed)

@Benny87654321 @anon66442947 @ChrizZz @Heavydriver @HV9690 @JoshFly8 @Pilot8 @Mark_Denton

please come and fly around patterns are accepted bring friends ;)


@HV9690 good parking spot xD

IKR. I’m reporting that as a bug

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Please refrain from tagging members. If they are online, they will show up. You can PM them separately.

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There’s no need to tag all of these people.

Either than that, I can’t come, I don’t have live right nor do I have SoFlo.

when other people tag people to come no one says stuff when i do it so i can get people to come i get called out for it …

Feedback is appreciated whenever your aviable

Maybe because they were reminded in the pass?

who was me or the other people cause the people im talking about were never called out and i have never in the past have been called out for this so whats your point

People could of told them in a private message

and I don’t have a point. Cause I never made one

true that fair enough but my point was they publicly called me out not via pm

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