Practice for my Advanced ATC exam. Touch and goes of possible on the ATC playground

Still active? Coming now.

Yes I sure am

KSJC, that’s in San Fransisco right? Don’t see you active.

Yes I’m there now whats your call sign

I’m corp211. Recruiter

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Coming now. N650CW

Yup got you just cleared you for takeoff

Feedback would be much appreciated

I will try. As long as I don’t get busy here at work

Thank alot

Nice job. I heard sequencing which is critical. Can maybe do some more with you later tonite or tomorrow

Tomorrow would be better if possible just message when preferably in the evening

You should use sequencing whenever possible, first takeoff I did not get sequenced after Tom, but then after my touch & go you sequenced me :) no need to re-sequence when a plane is no longer in the position you said, we know which one to follow :) (most people don’t)

Otherwise pretty flawless controlling. Good luck with your test sir.

Advanced Controller 2

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Thanks alot Samuel will take it on board

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Where ya from ? And what is your age ?

16 from UK

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Does it matter where you’re from now as well?

Not at all other then trying to determine time zone

That’s all

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