Please a moderator head to KSFO asap because it’s a disaster there, both on ground and in air.

Hey, there are tower, ground and approach controllers to handle this, so there’s no need for mods to come in actually.

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The mods are here for the forum not for in game.

Can you be more specific with your request?

If you have any concerns and feedback your best bet is to go ahead and message @moderators if it deserves their attention if this is occurring in the expert server with IFATC users.

Hello there,
Ik there is. But there are so many arrivals and departures… ATC is trying their best but its not enough i mean i landed atc told me to exit runway plus expedite so i tried to exit but 2 exits were full of airplanes i went to the 3rd i crossed 28L also with expedite to find An AAVA pilot blocking my exit facing the opposite direction now im stuck in the middle of the runway… You see what i mean

KSFO is a hugely popular airport, especially in the middle of a Saturday. Delays and traffic congestion should be expected. IFATC is present and attending to the airport.