Server: ATC Playground

Region: *Seattle

Airport: *KSEA

Time: NOW

NOTAM I am controlling KSEA right now if you would like to join

If anyone want to join I’m still on

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I’ve hopped on as Virgin 818 Heavy. There’s a few things that need to be addressed.

Why are you still having me hold short of Runway 34R when the traffic who’s going to land is still 15 miles out at 11,000 feet for some weird reason? Also, there’s no need for the random, unnecessary messages that you’re sending American 1 9 3.

If you would like to learn how to be a better controller, just PM me. I’ll be happy to help you anytime!

2665AG is joinig for some Pattern work…

I’m still on if anyone wants to join

You still controlling ?
// Flying High Senior Controller

In coming right now American 4210

Ayden, thanks for calling out. I enjoyed some nice Pattern work in the blue KLM 777 under you as ATC!

Some small tips if I may…

  • when I requested taxi to a specific runway or taxi to parking, you responded with Continue Taxi. Why? Would it not be better to fully confirm? I believe Continue Taxi has another function.
  • i enjoyed the fast responses. You were alert! :)
  • when I reported downwind, you gave me ‘cleared to land’. And yes, there were no other planes around, so I guess it was safe, but I would suggest to wait with a clear to land, until the plane on the glide path in front of the runway. Then you can be sure.

Take care!

Technically, it’s okay to clear someone to land when they’re on downwind. Some of the advanced controllers do that. Others clear when on base or turning onto final. It’s just about a matter of preference, really.

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Lack of sequence ! On my first right downwind you told me to continue straight in for 34L. Should have told me to just enter downwind or right base.
Also on my first approach never cleared me to land 34L.
My 2nd approach I was left downwind for 34C. Should have sequenced me behind the traffic on final.
// Flying High Senior Controller

I’m sorry I did not give you good instructions

Keep practicing. You did well on some things from what I could hear while I was in the pattern . Let me know whenever your doing approach anywhere.
Also, you may want to work at single or maybe double runway airports for a while. Three runways can be very dificult even for experienced atc.

Well the thing is I live in Seattle so I fly there all the time I’m just now learning who to ATC

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Just left Seattle on he Advanced in my Caravan, Capt Hodge ran the SeaTac ATC service like a clock. Know Ayden’s from previouse service rendered.
If you fly with him I’m sure you’ll be impressed and satisfied. Beautiful day in the NW clear and vis unlimited. Suggest you head NW out to the island or up the Victor Airway that points like an arrow NNW to the mountain range,look for the cut and fly the valley route. This a GA go suggestion use a 207 and fly nap of the earth. If you prefer go over the NW mountains into a region great muni fields along the coast. Keep’em flyin! Max Sends

The General Forum is not a place to critique, correct and embarrass one of yr trainee charges Tom. Suggest next time you get the notion to go public you consider the human factor and utilize a Personal Communication(PM). Max Sends

Sorrow is a sign of weakness Ayden! Just suck it up and learn from it. Max Sends

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My friend pls use a Personal Communication (PM) when you wish to correct or critique an ATC. Max Sends

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I suggest a PM for critiques Stik… Open forum criticism to an ATC Trainee is bad JuJu, know you mean well but it’s embarrassing! Regards, Max

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What are you talking about