This came to my attention through my friend reporting this issue to me.

“Approach Controller warning half a dozen pilots to follow instructions etc, however the majority were doing so!”

“What proved this was a controller change, I assume planned but to the pilots it seemed forced.”

“As we switched to tower frequency, separation of aircraft was a huge issue, with over 10 planes disappearing off the map, I assume recieving lvl 2 violations, for simply the mistakes of the initial controller.”

I agree that in hectic situations it will be difficult for the controller, and therefore it should be the part responsibility of the pilot to separate accordingly. However what I can’t accept is pilots recieving violations for the clumsy mistakes of the initial controller.

Please someone look into this for the pilots affected! - Luckily I wasn’t, but my friend is very unhappy.


Yeah san diego is an absolute mess at the moment… someone experienced needs to help that aera

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Exactly. So many pilots being sanctioned incorrectly just to remove them from the long list.

Imagine if someone is 1 vio away from G2. The worst way to be downgraded 🤥

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By the way i’m ANZ 42 heavy to auckland, got out within the hour but it took forever… luckily no trouble for me other than being cut off and pushed around.

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Just annoying. Telling people to make 360’s at fl37 😂

Hello! KSAN just had an approach controller open and everything should start flowing smoothly soon. Over 30 inbounds in 20 minutes at a single runway airport with no approach open is very difficult to deal with.

If you have a serious concern (such as thinking reports were overused or a controller missed lots of go arounds and other conflicts) you can message @ Drummer, @ joshfly8, or @ tyler_shelton and explain the issue.


I think the issue is explained here Rob, they were definitely overused.

Just to remove planes on final pretty much. Apparently they were dripping like flies!

Thanks for your fast reply 👍


If you or your friend feel that a report was unjustified, you can send a message to @appeals and it can be reviewed. Like Rob mentioned above, traffic is abundant for this airport, so it causes some burdens with efficiency.

Apology for the delay!


Hey there, how long ago did your friend fly in?


I think IFATC should note that KSAN isn’t capable of high traffic with how things usually go there. Despite it being nicer than LAX… Los angeles is better fit for a big rush like this. You simply can’t try and do los angeles scale things here. My two cents

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Thanks Kyle.

Apparently no cause for annoyance about the delay. Only in the quality of controlling. Issuing Lvl2 which maybe inexperienced controllers don’t understand the importance of to the experience of players.

Imagine doing a 13 hour flight and last second when you’re in your element with all the wonderful aircraft and a 738 flys into you and ATC vans you for separation issues. - this is an example not what happened.

Especially if some pilots were only 1 off grade 2 - which is a completely worse experience to G3 ofc 👍

I completely understand the difficulty to control but maybe the use of Lvl2’s needs to be trained more thoroughly !

I’ll ask now Marina, my guess would be 20 minutes but let me check 👍

Thanks! I may have been the approach controller. If I was, then we should continue this discussion in a DM

We have noted it. But if pilots keep flying in, that’s something we cannot control.

As for the reports, I flew in and saw plenty of people that could have been reported when approach closed. I’m not saying they were all correct, but just from what I saw.

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you can control it by not making it one of the only airports that have live atc at the time and use inexperienced dcontrollers.

as much as its difficuklt for you guys people will always set up routes in numbers for any live atc airports.

if an airport just can’t deal with the demand and approach is messing up initial seperation, then simply issuing vios is not the answer.

chose more major airports for this sort of niche time when few controllers are active. Its also a friday night guys like come on surely u expect high demand

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Actually every IFATC controller is free to open wherever he likes to open. And even tho I’m not into the situation, I refuse to believe that an IFATC controller issued violations only because there were too many planes…

ATC controllers are volunteers - we don’t know who’s going to be available to control at any given time. There are also no “niche times,” as airports are featured for a full 24 hours before the schedule moves on to the next day.

And of course we expect high demand, but if there’s a brief time when ATC isn’t active, it is expected the pilots follow the rules of the expert server and not get in the way of others. Again, if you believe reports were abused on your friend and others, just message one of the people I mentioned above and they can further investigate the issue somewhere that is not public.