First off, no knocks on ATC, I tried it a few times on the training server …

I’ve had nightmares … no more flying cats to herd … that was 5 years ago and I’m still in therapy.


I find that ATC just attacks trolls … and F-18s at gate 5

and KSAN is too small with one runway and single taxiway on commercial side … I think ATC at KSAN should only be active when whole regions of nearby Class B are open .

Again, not upset at anyone … it’s just a thought… KSAN is a tiny tuff small airport but still only has one runway and Taxiway B is almost maxed out in real life and should only be ES IFATC active when the whole region is active and more class B airports

IFATC can open wherever and whenever they want. There aren’t any restrictions on where we can and can’t control.

If you’ve had a problem with IFATC service, contact the controller, or contact the appeals team if you’ve received a violation.


I’m not sure what this is about exactly


OK, I know they can do what they want. I was telling what it’s like from the view of a pilot player

MY point is for people to read it, read it again, self reflect and see who jumps out never to trust; maybe trust or message maybe

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I completely disagree, but that is the fantastic point about an opinion, we all get one. But I think it is good that everyone gets freedom with their choice. Just like IFAET get choice in what airport we build. But id we do it the way you suggest a lot of airports will not get traffic or ATC coverage and the whole idea is we get service in all regions, even if it is a small airport with 5 gates. It is meant to be fun! There is no passengers to upset cause they are going to miss a connecting flight or no need to worry about a shrinking transit window cause “my bags wont make the connection”. It is just simple, flying.


I’m sorry if I couldn’t state my “issue” just to get to the point, you can’t do that without collapsing system designed to limit air traffic, flowholds and the ole saying “There’s not enough sky for the both of us” … no shoot outs, no callouts … you’re the bug zapper attracting the M&N word … like mosquitos and nats and no see’ums

UGH, Everytime I get into sidebits

I completely understand where you are coming from, I do. But this is just a sim, people will control where they want, people will fly the route they want and what aircraft they want. And realistically this

will never come to fruition. Again because the IFATC are volunteers, not staff being paid. They control where they want to control and we can not tell them not to. This is meant to be something for people to work on in their own time and have fun. We start bringing in rules and it just will not work. And it brings airports into light that people love but just forgot about. But if it is the maxed out taxiways you are worried about then simply just do not fly to these airports. Simple as! But I do get the frustration, it is annoying when you have to wait to pushback or taxi when you are in a rush. But if you are in that much of a rush then just don’t fly at the time. Or you could always fly from airports like LAX or Heathrow that always have people on them practically. But then you will wait longer due to the high amount of traffic.

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again, not hating , just that ATC spawning at any given location just attracts attention of every grade 3 pilot without experience

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No I get your point and it is very true, but that is just gonna happen unfortunately

KSAN is one of my favorite places and love to be there with ATC, I’m just old enough to shake my head and wonder what’s going on and meanwhile ATC is super busy with repeat requests and it seems like the other guys who does the same thing is not listening.

And in palaces where there’s no ATC and you ask for traffic advisories then you ignore them … yes , I will find away to fly into you just because you can’t follow directions

It is unfortunate but this has what it is at the moment. Staff have said they are looking at ways to make the ES better but for now we just have to force a smile and move on.

It’s a real balancing act, sometimes it’s just basic limitations on what can be coded, what can be enforced and and what subscribers are paying the bills. Basically is you make it too hard to qualify you could loose subscribers because no one wants a difficult mobile game… these guys (Devs) are doing a balancing act; circus or otherwise

Sorry, I do submit things as the devils’ advocate to spur debate that really went sideways. now everyone is afraid I’m not a lawyer, nor have I played one on TV … but I was in ISR and communications.

I 'm not here to cause a color revolution … Just a suspicious mind asking questions and offering free help in marketing and getting companies to acknowledge limitations

No I get what you mean and you do have to look at these things, they are all valid points and make sense. But at the same time, it is at a bareable level tbh. Not the worst, some airports are worse than others but, still bareable.

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SO true, It’s just the nature … and the hand that’s dealt

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I have ideas to make it better but very radical. Until you make mandatory training, tutorials and test within the app , nothing will change. Not asking for 1500 hours but until limitations, training and tutorials within the app is mandatory nothing will change. even go the War Thunder route of grinding to the aircraft you want or buy a premium 747-8I for $50 then you help get pro subscribers better world graphics

Edit; I did do a bit of copy and paste … hence the repeating

It was open on Tuesday due to the AFKLM event

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