ATC at KPMD in SoCal Region

ATC will be active at KPMD for 30

Rwy: 25 smaller aircraft like 737

Rwy: 22 larger aircraft

Please only request takeoff when 1st inline

Pattern work will be active only for aircraft arriving

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What server is this on?

ATC playground

Okay, I’ll be heading over as N279MA.

Ok will you be arriving or departing

Some months ago the only “Start positions” at Palmdale were on each side of the two runways.
I went there thinking that I will be the only aircraft at the airport.
It wasn’t so, there were three other aircrafts holding on the other runway ends.
Thankfully the ATC was able (after a while…) to clear the situation by letting the other planes taxi off the runways.

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Moved to live please mind the topic categories

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ATC will be active for another 20 minutes

ATC is closed for now good day

ATC will be active at KPMD for 30 minutes

Rwy:22 for lighter aircraft

Rwy:25 for heavy aircraft

ATC playground server

Pattern work will be accepted

Rwy:07 for smaller aircraft

Rwy:04 for larger aircraft

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