Approach controller at KLGA gave me instructions for the visual approach at 31 but vectored me for final runway 4 but then i got cleared to land on 31 which gave me a really cool and fun and sporty turn but my question is why though?

Probably the expressway approach.

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This is called the expressway visual approach for runway 31. You can read about it here:

You can also watch a video of the approach in real life here:

You can take a look at the approach plate for it here:


That’s how the approach works at LaGuardia. You do a sharp left turn for a short final for Rwy 31.

I use a joystick and that approach was tough!

I think i will just end up at the hudson river

As others mentioned above, it was the expressway visual. Definitely one of the most iconic approaches in real life, you should really check it out! I was pretty patient with people who couldn’t make the turn, as I know many aren’t familiar with it, but it’s great fun to try!


It looks stunning!

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