Atc at klax

Dows anyone want to be atc klax?

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Hiya! 👋

For requesting ATC Services on the Training Server, I would check out This Thread .

For the expert server, I would take a look at the official ATC calendar to see where ATC will most likely staff for that specific day. That said, keep in mind that IFATC may staff any airfield in the world, and the staffed airports are subject to change at any time.

Hope this helps!

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if you want to request atc from training server i recommend check out this topic

if you want to request for expert server, IFATC team does not take request they can open anywhere in the world without notice.

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Hey there,

IFATC do not take requests to open airport on the expert server unfortunately. However ATC on the training server does take requests. Just head down to the thread below:


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