Travis Trahan the controller in command on ground is telling everyone to follow instructions when no one is doing anything wrong . A lot of pilots want to takeoff runway 25R and he is telling them to go to runway 07R . 25R is open for takeoff so is 07R if someone request runway at 25R let them takeoff from that Runway . Stop telling everyone to follow instructions I was trying depart out from 25R and he was having me takeoff from runway 07R all the way on the other side. Don’t control ground if you don’t know how to control it

If it’s on the training server, don’t expect anything good from controllers. If you want a realistic experience, fly on the expert server and you won’t be disappointed.

Totally agree! I always fly on expert server that way Ita guru teed a professional experience.

Fly on expert server for a good experience.

In that case, fly on the Expert server.

Oh I’m sorry.

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