Shoutout to @Tajay for his amazing ATC at LAX this morning! I’m flying the 747-8F for the first time in a while and forgot how much fuel it burns. I did not pack enough, resulting in me declaring emergency fuel over SoCal. I was honestly worried about doing such as I thought I would get the dreaded “divert” message, and there are not many airports in the area that can handle a 747. Luckily, he and tower (@Nils_Esser ) were very quick to provide me with a priority landing spot on a take-off runway, 25R, as 25L was occupied by an A319 on approach.

Overall, I love when things like this happen within our community! Safe landings and happy 10 years to all!


(And if you were holding short of 25R and saw that landing, I slammed it on purpose ;))


Very nice and props to the ATC!

In the future, I recommend using a proper flight planner like which will tell you how much fuel you need for a flight :)

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Ah that was you, I heard your emergency declare while waiting for takeoff clearance. Huge probs to all ATC at LAX and SFO, their work today is incredible

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