ATC at KLAX (expert server)

Will there be anymore IFATC at KLAX today? No one is there rn, but schedule says region will change at 6z, but I think at the moment its 22:10z

ps: I’m not demanding anyone be available all the time, asking b/c I’d rather fly when there’s ATC. I’m not mad or anything…

IFATC will be active until the region change. You still have about 7.5 hours to give a KLAX controller an added amount of stress. ;)

Controllers have lives, so please don’t expect us to be online 24/7. I’m sure KLAX will be opened shortly.

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Adding on to @TaipeiGuru it really depends, now is a active time for controllers to have some free time and be able to control, other times not so much like right after the region change.

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Just because an airport is on the schedule doesn’t mean that it will be manned all 24hrs