I’m open at KLAX as Ground and Tower, come fly! I’m practicing for IFATC. I will be open for about an hour, depending on if i get traffic or not. If you have not gotten the new update, i can’t be ATC for you.

If i make any mistake, please do tell. If i don’t make any mistake, please tell me so that i know i’m almost ready to go apply for IFATC.

You might have noticed that i change airport very frequently, it is because no one is at the airport. I do wait for a while but if i don’t get any traffic i change.


I’m coming in a C-130J for patterns.

Im closed now, thanks to everyone who came

OPEN right now, hop on your aircaft and come to KATL!

@Saim_Fasih make sure to change the title to closed please. unless you have been open for 24hrs which would be a crazy feat!

Im open again! Come to KATL and fly some patterns or whatever you want!

I am on my way as PH-ADZ

Dang it, phone died. It was fun while it lasted!

Oh haha! Well im still going to be here for a while if you want to come back. I will announce when i stop controlling.

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Still controlling at KATL?

Oops sorry, im closing it now

Opened ATC at EGSS! Come fly patterns or whatever you’d like!

Give me 30 minutes :-)

Might be able to make it as NLS117

Sure, i will be atc for about an hour or maybe longer. But i might also cut it short if i don’t get any traffic at all.


Ok, correction on the callsign it’s Ryanair 117 now!

Okay, it makes sense. I have actually flown a Ryanair EGSS-ESSA several times in real life. I’m Swedish :)

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I love the Ryanair routes. I fly the EGSS-EVRA (Riga) route every year. I’m Latvian!

Great lol. Ryanair isn’t bad at all if you compare it with the price. Even though i would love to fly British Airways which goes to EGLL which is closer to where i live when i travel to London. Oh and correction, i meant to say EGSS-ESKN.

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An A380 just flew by, he had 9 flights, 4 landings and… 20 violations xD