Hello, I’m not sure if I can do this (sorry if I can’t) but I have a event right now at KLAS on expert server and I noticed that the ATC they can go anywhere so can someone please come to KLAS thank you. for departure and approach.

IFATC cant go anywhere - they have to stick to the regions in the ATC Schedule

Right now ATC is focused in Europe

ATC can’t go anywhere today, only destinations of the LSGG flyout, and KLAS is not one of them.

It says if there is a event they can though I might be wrong though

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Only the arrival airports. It isn’t ATC choice today. :)

No they can only open the destinations the event has - and KLAS is not one of them

Hello, the event destinations aren’t in Las Vegas, so they can’t come unfortunately


If you have an event posted on the #live:events, maybe a kind controller will ask Tyler for permission to open outside the boundaries of the featured airports


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