ATC at KJFK TS1 (Closed)

ATC at New York’s JFK airport is open. Please come along. Feedback appreciated but not essential.

Hello! I was “Test Flight 7” (flying with Delta B787-8)
It was really difficult to make pattern work with you controlling. Let me explain you:

1- I requested taxi to any runway (there weren’t more planes flying at that moment), so you could have easily make me taxi to runway 13R (really close to my initial position, and opened). Instead of that, you made me go to runway 31L (really far). I may understand your decision, so I just give this as an opinion.

2- After takeoff (as you told me to make left traffic) I was in left downwind, waiting for your clearance for touch and go at runway 31L. You took so much (so much!) time, almost minutes, when you could have perfectly cleared me just after takeoff. As you were taking many time, I had to ask you for touch and go (maybe you forgot?! Idk), and then, finally, you cleared me for the option.

3- Second time I made the touch & go you cleared me early, so I don’t have any point on that, but again next time you were taking minutes for clearing me! I was getting so bored and a bit annoying.
So I decided to leave.

Please, next time you’re controlling, you can perfectly clear the pilot for the option just after takeoff, that way you make them have more “liberty” while flying, and don’t have to wait in left downwind for that time (when there is no traffic!)

Anyway, thanks for the time


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