Hey guys,
As you can probably see, KDEN has a TON of arrivals rn, there are so many people on finial and so many people not following instructions…it’s chaos!!

And with chaos comes topics of people saying that they were wrongfully reported and that IFATC sucks (which it doesn’t) if you are experiencing some difficulties like bad ATC, or something you feel as though you were wrongfully reported on, please please don’t do it publicly, you can easily check who your controller is by going to and checking the atc page. Shoot your controller a message privately and they will explain why you were reported, if you feel as though it still was wrong, send a message to @appeals and the mods in that channel will take a deeper look into the issues you are experiencing.

Once again KDEN is supper busy and there is only so much IFATC can do to maintain the status that they are expected to uphold. If you need some help finding your controller ask here, we would be more than happy to assist you in finding your controller.

Thanks all.


Yeah… it’s a bit chaotic to say the least.


I can assure you that we are working hard on it

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Actually looks pretty good TBH.


Yeah when I flew over going to Sacramento earlier, it looked like ants scattered everywhere. I couldn’t imagine having to deal with all that traffic

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There might be a second approach controller opening up rn shortly (maybe)

But approach does their best with the commands they have. Spacing is hard, sometimes pilots don’t like to listen and they get reported, but it’s also hard to keep tract of people not listening when you have 100 plus pilots inbound trying to message you.

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I see me in that picture😝


Yes please. Unfortunately today I reported more people in an hour than my whole entire career in IFATC. If you have any concerns or question don’t hesitate to ask.


This will happen. It’s a US FNF. There’s no stopping it. Best thing to do is calm down and make sure you follow procedural rules!

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