ATC at KBOS today in about 5 hours (Training Server)

Hey all,

I am online and doing a flight from Munich (EDDM) to Boston Logan International (KBOS) on an Airbus A350-900 for Lufthansa 424 Heavy on the Training Server. I am inbound for landing in about 5 hours. I would appreciate if some people could volunteer to bring me down :), and maybe a few people could be there? I would greatly appreciate volunteers! :)

Thank you,


Hey mate,

Hope you’re having a good flight so far. Feel free to request for ATC services in the thread that I’ve linked below:

Best to keep ATC requests all under the one thread to keep everything neat, organised and it avoids clogging the forum with numerous topics asking for ATC, plus it gives people that want to control a place to look and see where it is requested.

Take care mate!


I was about to post that… I’ll flag this for closure now.

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Thank you! I’m still a bit of a noob here!