ATC at KASE..... (Advanced)

So I was just flying a pattern in the good 'ol Spit and then I get told to follow instructions. I never did anything wrong. The controller was Jaydon E.

I never got ghosted BTW.


Hmm. This is kind of weird. I was there earlier but I didn’t have any trouble.

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From my POV it looks like you cut in line, apparently you were told number three traffic to follow is on final, did you go before that pilot?

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Y U no PM him?

(Why don’t you PM him?)


Jaydon is aware of it, please delete the topic and PM him instead. That way you can get much better answers

I told you to follow instructions because you never followed your sequence. You cut in line.


Say again? There are also older people on these forums + 16 years ;) Lets try and keep it readable for all please.


General ATC question concerning this airport: I was departing there with my A321 when I had to wait for an A380 to depart and another one to land, not to mention a Inbound B747-8 . Don’t these heavy aircraft have to be diverted to other airports as they are too big for KASE?! What would be the correct ATC answer when one of these planes calls inbound?


I didn’t though.

No i didn’t. I will admit it looked like I was trying too. I was in the spit travelling slowly, thus I turned base before I would have if I was in anything else.

I was there: SWISS 01. Airbus A 319.
It’s true that there were airplanes too big for this airport. The ATC was perfect.

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😂 I just did another flight, saw you @B767fan . He wasn’t bad at all, just I guess an “oops” because a plane was on the runway when I landed.

Y = Why
U = You
no = not (in this case)

@dush19 stop being so lazy lol


Lol he’s normally crazy

I remember you!

Where was I? What aircraft?

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A spitfire at aspen about 15 minutes ago.

Cool. Nice one.

Did you see my landing? It was horrible 😂 A plane was on the runway and I didn’t line up well in the first place.