Not everybody that flies in IF has FR24, as it is a separate app/website

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Well I mean most pilots that fly on Expert server knows what FlightRadar24 is even on training sever hell I used to fly all the time with just the airports I didn’t know what’s SIDs and STARs were I didn’t even know what a proper flight plan was until I used this site called FPLtoIF just before the 777 updates came out but I would watch other pilots and around the airports and try to get the correct inbound and out bound procedures and now I didn’t even know what step climbing was until I found out on that same site like I understand a few unrealistic flights but when it’s like every single one of them being completely unrealistic it starts to drive me insane almost half of anyone on here knows what FlightRadar24 is

Unrealistic flights

Does it bothers you? Yes
Does it hinders you to takeoff? No
Does it not allow you to land? No

Why spend so much effort on yourself? As long as the guy is not trolling, leave him alone. Save your mind for other things more useful in your life :)


LMAO Dude I literally sit around at home almost all day I have no life I am 17 and I have still have to beg my dad to take me out doors for 1 day of the week because he dont want me driving because he thinks I cant handle it

This seems to be getting a little heated.

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A slightly heated debate is perfectly reasonable and healthy. It allows us to be ourselves, to express our thoughts most effectively, and to be able to open our minds to new ideas. In no way am I strictly and ignorantly shutting out the other commentor(s) here, and I hope it’s the same for them. I’ve learned, and can appreciate, a new perspective from someone today, which can give me a new opportunity to reevaluate my argument. This is how we grow as a person and community. There’s a vast difference between being “heated” and “combative.”


With all due respect, I think the tone in the original message was fine - didn’t see anything wrong with the language used - certainly could have been worded better. We’re all so sensitive these days!

But with the announcement of Expert ATC changing how regions are controlled, we will hopefully see more realistic procedures to and from our hometown airports. Which for someone who like me who strives to be as realistic as possible, even with live atc - it is a welcome change and very much looking forward to how it plays out.


You and me both

This is super true. It is always healthy to have a good debate. I just don’t want to criticize people thats all.

You clearly most certainly would be, if he saw you 🙂


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