For any Controller that ATC at IAH 8R is a landing only 15L and 15R were hardly used because ATC was not using the right runways for departures but other then that the arrivals were amazing but departures were annoying runway 9 is used for north departures 15L is also used for north departures 15L is used for east departures as well 15R is used for west departures and I wind up having my aircraft wait for tower to clear me while I waited 5-10 minutes to get cleared because yall were more focused on getting the pilots to depart on 8R when 8R was used incorrectly Arrivals were amazing but the departures were horrible please do better next time you ATC at IAH I was raised around IAH since I was 4 so please do not do the wack departures again


First off, on behalf of IFATC, we apologize that you didn’t have a great experience. On behalf of myself, I would kindly ask that you think about your choice of words and the tonage used. I myself have grown up around DEN my whole life, and I have seen and used plenty of departure and arrivals that do not coincide with real life operations. IFATC determine the best layout and usage of the field and airspace to give the best service in the game.

Many controllers control their home fields, and sometimes they are unable to use realistic procedures due to traffic levels being different from what they are in real life


Hey mate,

ATC in Infinite Flight especially IFATC on the Expert Server are recommended and strongly advised to use all available runways at an airport regardless of real life procedure to ensure the most efficient service possible.

Take EGLL today on the Expert Server for example. IFATC are using both runways but in real life right now they are only using one runway. It wouldn’t be feasible or efficient to only use one runway in Infinite Flight with 200+ inbounds at one point.

This is why IFATC are encourage to use all available runways regardless of real life procedures.

Hope this helps!


But at LHR they have used both runways before IRL but at IAH they were not using 15L or 15R at all everyone kept going to 8R which is not efficient at all IRL runway 8L 8R and 9 are all landing runways 9 can be used as a north departure 15L and 15R should have been used for East and West departures and instead I was like the only one being realistic when I departed at IAH on 15L the other day to LHR so all i saw was 8R being full of unefitient traffic it was so unefitient I literally sat at 15L waiting to be cleared to enter the runway for like 5-10 minutes I literally had to duplicate messages twice because it was so jampacked I even saw mishacamp I stopped for like 3 minutes waiting for him to go although my time could be off with that maybe like a minute or 2

I was not not trying to be disrespectful in any way I was just saying if 15L and 15R were being used to thier full extent instead of everyon going for 8R it would have not been so jampacked but at least the landings were realistic i didn’t see any landings on 15L and 15R like i see all the time in the sim so I do very much appreciate that

I understand where you coming from in terms of what is and what isn’t realistic. However as mentioned above, IFATC are trained and strongly encouraged/advised to use all available runways.

Imagine if they didn’t at Heathrow today and say they only used 27L for example. You would be waiting a lot longer than 5 - 10 minutes for takeoff with 200+ inbounds and 23 aircraft inbound in the next 20 minutes all for the one runway.

That’s why IFATC use all available runways.


But that’s LHR there are only 2 runways so again LHR is very understand all I am saying is that just to be aware to let other pilots know when they pushback if they are doing a west departures and they are going for 8R why not have them taxi to 15R instead to clear up some of the departures you know what I mean LHR ATC does a great job and they did at IAH with the Arrivals as well I am mainly talking about the departures at IAH only 1 runway was being used I am just saying for next time if there is ATC at IAH please be aware of this

Also I think these pilots go for runway 8R and 9 for departures because when they take off they just be like right lift of now let’s activate LNAV so most of them done really manually turn is it also possible that you can put a procedure of departures for like really sharp turning because when I departed noticed how I sharp turned over 27 for a north departure when I took off on 15L why cant other pilots do that? Like IRL pilots do if other pilots could do that I am pretty sure they can take off on 15L and 15R

Infinite Flight is equipped with SID’s and STAR’s from NavBlue, so they are updated and represent the real life counterpart SID’s and STAR’s that are currently used at KIAH and other airports around the globe.

It’s pilot discretion, but pilots can decide to input SID’s and STAR’s for their departure and approach within their flight plan.


Yes I do know that but again thanks for the amazing arrivals at IAH tho for when I spawned in that was extremely amazing tho 8R 8L and 9 were used properly for landings and I do very much appreciate that the good work is not unnoticed either

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Also I see what you mean by tone I am sorry I woke this morning and I needed to address it my tone was completely off and I am sorry for that it just drives me insane when runways are not used properly especially when it’s your home airport lol

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I accept your apology. We understand your frustration on the issue, however it could be that it’s just how all the other pilots were at that moment. If it’s a popular runway, most people just follow the crowd. When LAX is open, I used to get frustrated that literally everyone would go to 25R, until I was able to figure out a way to make things expeditions. Now, while it may not be the most realistic procedures, I’m able to accommodate the insanely high traffic loads that come through.


And also you know if you clear them for 15L and 15R and they go for 8R instead you could report them if necessary I dont like to promote that kind of thing but if u need you know you can always do that

Charles, this is Infinite Flight and not real life. Although it is a flight simulator, this is still not real life and, therefore, this simulator has rules and those rules are the only ones IFATCs absolutely have to follow.


Ok but people in Expert server base thier stuff of real life unlike this pilot and these are the the type of pilots that really drive me insane

it’s the ones that go out of there way just to be unrealistic look I know it’s a flight sim and not everything is realistic but when you see stuff like this all the time with pilots that pretend like they dont know what there doing like I hardly see anyone be realistic when they fly into IAH is really annoying the picture says it all and those are the types of pilots I see all the time so here is another unrealistic these are the types of pilots that annoy me more then anything it’s one thing to fly an unrealistic aircraft is another just to go out of your way to land on a take off only runway and that’s why I did admire the ATC for the Arrivals because they did not have clowns like these landing on the take off only runways

How do you know that they’re doing it on purpose? You honestly can’t, so I’d ask you to please refrain from categorizing people into things that they might not even be a part of. Try thinking with a positive outlook and not these “they’re doing it on purpose,” “they’re just here to ruin my time,” why even fly if you’re not going to do it right” types of negative thoughts. So what if they’re flying an unrealistic procedure, or not using an IRL departure, or even the correct terminals for international flights? Who cares? As long as they’re not violating active ATIS and ATC commands, or actively attempting to block, ram, or otherwise hinder Ops on UNICOM, how do their stick, throttle, and rudder inputs affect your flight? They’re just out here, paying the same amount of money as the rest of us, to have an enjoyable time on a flight sim that is unrivaled within the mobile community. “He who is without sin may cast the first stone.” If it’s realism that you’re looking for, maybe simply take a deep breath, start with your own flights, and just be happy to be in the skies.

That is simply not true. I myself have flown a simple loop around Australia from Melbourne to Perth when ATC was down there; I’ve landed a TBM with a direct 21kt tailwind, just because I felt like trying it; I’ve landed A380s on 3,000ft runways, and have done barrel rolls with NASA’s 747SCA, all on the expert server. Does that mean that I am the “type of pilot to drive you insane”?


Well it depends so like if I saw more pilots on the sim landing on 8R/26L 8L/26R and 9/27 a lot more then it wouldn’t drive me insane like 1 or 2 unrealistic landings out of let’s say 5 realistic landings it wouldn’t drive me insane as much but if it’s like 1 realistic landing out of 20 realistic landings that’s what drives me insane like earlier as I was departing from IAH-EWR I saw a United 777-200ER doing CLL-IAH which is completely unrealistic but I was not complaining because he was going out of his way to land on 27 when he could have easily landed on 15L or 15R he choose the realistic option so it’s not really the unrealism it’s the amount of unrealism compared to the realism that drives me insane

Not really I mean I pay like 50$ a month for the sim just to fly 5 planes at once because if I choose a route I like to make sure I choose every flight that does that same route and I know it’s not completely realistic and again it’s not the unrealism that drives me insane it’s the amount of unrealism that drives me insane

The pilot may have never flown into IAH before, or hasn’t flown into IAH enough to know the procedures.

Think of it like this:
If I asked you, do you know the exact real world procedures for an airport halfway around the world you flew to once in IF, would you know?

Pilots do not always strive for 100% realism, even on the Expert server, and expecting everyone to research the airport’s procedures for maximum realism is asking a lot.

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Well that’s why FlightRadar24 was invented to track other IRL pilots at airports like before I choose a route I always check flightradar24 before I do the flight to be sure I am not being completely unrealistic so if you told to fly to another airport I would gladly do and be sure to land and take off on the correct runways so like if your not sure like take a quick second on FlightRadar24 and see what runways are being used