ATC at events

Appreciation for Tyler who does a wonderful job for weekly schedules and picking really good events to feature like the one this week!

I would like to request that ATC be allowed at more events, probably all the events that are well planned.

  1. There are many IFATC members who would like to volunteer for the events. They might also want to control if a featured airport is already taken up and he/she is really keen on controlling that time.

  2. It would be a really good exposure for new IFATC if they chose to control a small event (small airport for egs.)

  3. Most events are flyouts and could be completed in less than an hour, so one hour maximum could be allowed for the event in question. It would also cover fly-in events for that matter.

  4. Pilots would also get more options for that part of time apart from the usual featured region.

  5. Small airports might get more recognition.

  6. All events would have a better chance of being a successful one if ATC is present. More pilots would be interested to join.

  7. Events would go really smoothly and also take care of trolls if present.

  • Some problems I can think of are:
  1. Multiple PMs asking for permission. We can make ATC services on a completely voluntary basis and PMs would be discouraged.
  2. Two or more events on the same day, so division of pilots (a small issue, its always pilot’s choice so).
  3. Increase in random events (not properly planned etc.)

Personally, I dont feel anything wrong about allowing to have atc at an event for about 30 min to 1 hour.
If you have thoughts or solutions regarding this, it would be great!


Obviously Tyler has the final say in this, but often, if a controller asks him privately, he allows us to control for an hour at an event that isn’t featured on the schedule.

This is a well thought out topic with some good points, so I’m interested to hear what others have to say!


Correct me if I’m wrong but I remember reading somewhere that you shouldn’t pm Tyler with ATC requests for your event. He includes them in the schedule under his discretion. Although I do agree with the points above.

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You’d be correct. Per my understanding, Tyler ended up switching to what he does now because a lot of people were asking for their event to be featured.

The current system leaves featured events at Tyler’s discretion, but if an event host wants a controller they know to control, then I believe it’s usually accommodated. It’s just the featured ones that are more or less Tyler’s definitive call, if that makes sense.


Yes, that is why to allow for all events but services would be on a voluntary basis. So, if you are ifatc you’d maybe say on the event thread that you are interested.

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