I don’t know if this is worth even mentioning, but in the Training Server the ATC running EGLL weren’t communicating the proper instructions. Ground instructed to taxi to 27R and when I contacted tower he said to check ATIS (There isn’t any in Training)…then sent me to 09L and on my way I requested to taxi to 09L and ground gave me 27R and kept giving me instructions to do a 180


ATC at major hubs (EGLL KLAX KJFK) are always like that on the Training server. If your a pilot or ATC you will have trollers at third airports.

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I guess I was expecting more from the training server…it’s nice to bump down to training and have a nice worry free flight every once in a while…never again will I do that

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I on usually have issues at KJFK on training server, but EGLL usually has bad ATC on training.

No need to worry on the ES. Just follow all instructions from ATC, use unicom properly, and follow the rules and there should be no issues at all! I have development a habit/plan I always use when I fly so if you develop your own there should be no reason to worry! ES flying shouldn’t give worry, it should be fun!

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@Pajd02 This has happened to me before. Climbing out of LAX on a short flight to Long Beach, I contact departure. After that’s all finished, I request a frequency change to SOCAL approach. The departure tells me to contact San Diego tower.


EDIT: this was on training server

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