ATC at EGBB Birmingham - London [Playground server][CLOSED]

Hi everyone!

I’m currently at Singapore Changi (WSSS) on some tower+ground ATC. Any comment, suggestion or correction is more than welcome!

And thanks to the Approach ATC, you’re helping a lot with all these undisciplined pilots! :)

Closed now! Thanks everyone, it was much fun! :)

Great ATC there! I was American 1684 Heavy :)

Thanks Dush! My pleasure ☺ glad you enjoyed it. Any suggestion?

John would have sent them :)

He did indeed, he’s been really nice! :) Will probably ATC later today, I will post in the forum if someone wanna join :)

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Wsss tower and ground are open again, pattern work more than welcome… ☺

Coming on now.

Callsign: Qarti 660 Heavy
Aircraft: Airbus A380

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Safe flights! Thanks for passing by

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What does PM mean?

Personal message ☺

@js.totero you were a good fast responsive ATC and that’s very rare on the playground server. I was Qartar airways in the A380.

Thanks Dan! Glad you enjoyed it! ☺

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Yes still here, just saw an air force one leaving with its escort ☺

Yessir ☺ wait you here

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I stopped by on how things were and everything was under control. I would apply for advance ATC If I was you

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