Hey this isn’t a complaint. I’m pretty new on the forum, couldn’t find the user but I’d like to give kudos to Sebastian916 for handling tower like a pro. If u are wondering, I was Lufthansa 23 on the queue for 26L. Everything was so organized. There was even people trying to Jump the queue but he knew who was first and second and third. Hey, I couldn’t find you but you really good 🙂. Keep up the nice work


Was this on Training or Expert?

I know a Sebastian but he only controls on Expert :)

Expert, his name was Sebastian916 or something like that 😂

I believe is @Sebastian9915

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Look at you @Sebastian9915, you got fans! 😊


I got you miss, sometimes I wish give hug some IFATC’s for their handlings, but sometimes… better forget this part

He was always come fly pattern in I control,I was impressed, really help me a lot!👍

Ayeee thanks for the nice words. Im glad you enjoyed the service. See ya! 🌹😘


Ayeee no problem! Alright mods this topic can be closed now he appeared 👋🏻

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