ATC at Dublin on Saturday

First of all, thanks for all the ATC controllers, its super!

But sunday on Dublin; the ATC controller on Approach, he lost me twice and i was out of fuel.

How to handle that issue, when you out of fuel and the controller lost you. (twice)

There’s no ‘talk option’, hello, im out of fuel, i need to land this airplane, or calling an emergency.

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Dublin wasn’t on the schedule yesterday, so I’m assuming this was on training? If so, unfortunately you can’t trust the quality of the controllers there, and even less so approach. They may still be learning.

Also, there should be an emergency fuel option, but it only appears if you’ve been flying for at least an hour (to avoid trolling). Sure you didn’t see it?

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Actually, there is ‘emergency requests’. You need to be flying for more than 30 minutes or an hour though. And you need less than 30 minutes of fuel. Please be aware that IFATC put their time in for you, they care trained and I doubt they lost you, they were most likely setting up a new arrival pattern, or just following the one already in process.

You may have been given “not accepting aircraft at this point”. This is because you departed from a nearby airport, or made an attempt at flying out of Dublin and back in with very close proximity.

IFATC are trained professionals, I doubt they forgot you, but everyone makes mistakes, we all need to cope with that.

And as pointed by @8SmartFlying, Dublin wasn’t on the schedule yesterday, I think you meant recently. If it was the Training Server that’s out of our hands and is to be honest ‘what you see is what you get’.


I think he means saturday…

Also adding on to what the others said above, if you are inbound to a controlled airspace (especially on expert) and the controller has lost you, it can be due to connection issues on either end.

The best thing to do in a situation like this, especially when you’re running low on fuel is to divert to the nearest suitable airport for your aircraft. (This doesn’t mean going and landing an A380 on a 1,000 foot runway).

Just to correct what you said, the Emergency Request will only pop up when you have 30 Mins or less fuel remaining and not when you fly for 30 mins.

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I believe you have to fly for either 30 minutes or an hour to actually have that option too…

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Yes, you must of flown for more than an hour for the emergency fuel option to appear, and you must have less then 30 minutes of fuel remaining.

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Why would that option be available for flying more than an hour under approach? To me it makes absolutely no sense but I’m curious to know now


Now talking to all members here: I think enough has been said. Let’s wait for the OP to reply so we can get more of an idea of the situation. It won’t really be resolved as it is more of a complaint, and unless you’ve received violations/ghosts by this cause with evidence, there is no need to go further.

It would be abused a lot.

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Exactly my initial thoughts when I heard Declan say it. It’s like an aircraft with more fuel could declare an emergency and land in front of other possible aircrafts with less fuel.

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That wouldn’t happen. As you must have less then 30 minutes of fuel left to declare a fuel emergency and alert ATC.

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That’s exactly what I said above but then you said you need to fly for more than an hour for that option to appear which got me confused. All good 👍🏽

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It’s to ensure no trolls purposely try to have low fuel.


Declan has clarified it to me via pm. I didn’t understand that he was referring to that you need to have more than 1 hour flight time in your current flight. I read it as if you fly for 1 hour under approach, the emergency options pop up.

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I can’t remember how much fuel I still had, I estimate 4% fuel (LEMD-EIDW - normal weight fuel at the start B744-

And it was on saterday (im sorry)

With 4% fuel left, do you still remember how long you could have flown for with that much amount of fuel? If you could still fly for more than 30 mins, then you wouldn’t have been able to declare an emergency.

Met nog 4% brandstof over, weet je nog hoe lang je had kunnen vliegen met zoveel brandstof? Als je nog langer dan 30 minuten zou kunnen vliegen, zou je geen noodgeval hebben kunnen melden. @Gerrit_Ntboom

after de go around 10min…

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Nope, I also used it on TS…


Ah I knew there was something going on with people abusing the emergency request on the training server so I thought it was removed in a following update. Thanks for letting me know!