ATC at Brize Norton

Good Afternoon Lads and Lasses

I’ve taken a great interest in ATC on the sim. Last night I controlled Brize Norton and was surprised at the activity that I got. I had departures, Touch and Go’s and some full stop landings. I really enjoyed the other side to this sim. I plan to control the Tower again at around 11pm GMT tonight. So if you are around the area if you could come in for a touch and go or maybe a full stop Id appreciate the chance to work on my training.

Have a nice afternoon



Take a look at this if you’re interested in joining the professionals on the Expert server. ;)


Welcome to ATC. A little tip, you might want to change the title to Tower (and ground) @ EGVN 2300Z. Along with [Open] when you’re open and [Closed] when you’ve ended your session 😊.


I’ll come along tonight when you are online

Would live to join you

HI Craig,

if around I will come and give it a go. Will be in a RAF Voyager which might look similar to a A330 in generic livery…


I’ll join you in a 208 I think :)

Nice to read about your excitement for controlling.

Hope you can find the time to read/view all the tutorials and wishing you happy controlling :-)

Any questiosns on controlling, please PM me, or any other IFATC.
Here to help!

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