ATC at Berlin going against procedures?

the approach at Berlin is doing something against procedures?

@alberto_lopez the ATC; directed me into an approach; which made me into forming a missed approach. He made me turn onto approach far to late; was expecting 07L, was told 07R

Thus I filed for missed approach, he made instead “descend to 2000 & turn 090” to line up with the runway.

To close for comfort as we were already halfway through final; He made me contact tower which I did, then obviously I announced a go around because it was an unstable approach. AFTER the go around, I contacted radar again and he said “Airport not accepting aircraft please divert”. However more than 5 aircraft after me contacted approach and he said continue as files into Berlin. When I asked for approach; he said “Divert to another airport” & “You will be reported if you do not follow instructions” this isn’t fair on my be-half to divert to another airport; when I had to go around just once.

Then after holding for 20 minutes; he ghosted me when I recontacted to approach. It is unfair & wrong what he did as I did nothing wrong.


Sorry for the rant, but it is what it is. I had flown for almost 7 hours & just to be ghosted for aborting landing and being unfairly told to divert to another airport while he accepted lots of other aircraft into the airport was appalling.


Hello! Sorry to hear about your experience. Please contact your controller in private, and work it out with them instead of creating a topic. If you’d like to appeal your report, feel free to add @appeals.


I will agree, this does seem like a strange case. It’s possible the controller was unfamiliar with your callsign, and assumed you had just departed the airport, rather than a go around. Typically we as controllers communicate with each other to clarify who is a go around aircraft, but sometimes certain messages aren’t communicated in time. Then again, I’m in no place to speculate, and messaging @appeals is the place to go.

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“Sorry for the rant” couldn’t you have PMed privately the controller instead of bashing the controller here?

He’s TL0, can’t PM.

Hey there @Manu_93, I’ll set up a PM for you :)


Well, contact appeal then. Still doesn’t justify what he did.

Yes, he got reported


A PM with the controller and appeals has been set up, please check your inbox @Manu_93.

Thanks everyone.


Continuing in a pm