ATC at Any Airport (Closed)

Hi, i don’t know if I put the right title so please correct me if I put the wrong one…

I am currently not busy so if anyone wants me to control any area, just PM me
Please give me:
-Airport ICAO Code
-Time where you want me to control (Cannot be later than 0930Z)

So if you want me to control your airport, feel free to PM Me!

Note - I am only available to control on training server.


Try OBBI now I am coming.

This post looks like the reverse of an ATC practice tracking thread. We have many of these, where the ATC who wants to practice, updates his thread title to [open].

In your case, you want to be of service to any pilot who wants an ATC at an airport. But how do we know you’re available…?

I would suggest you be clever about your title, and make sure people can see quickly that you’re free to open somewhere.

How about a title: ATC can open at any TS airport [available now]
And after ypu need to leave, change your title to [unavailable] or [available from 13:30Z] if you know in advance the ZULU time from when you can be available.

Have fun and thanks in advance for your services.

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