ATC Assigning Runways

I recently was flying from KSFO-OMDB in an A380 on the training server and when I checked the weather at KSFO, it was 2kt at around 260. I had planned to take off of 28R due to the length and realistic nature of the departure. When I notified ATC about my plan, they assigned me to 19R, which is not long enough and not realistic.

So my question is how should I have handled this situation? I did not want to disobey ATC nor did I want to take off on a runway that is not long enough. Any feedback would be appreciated!

If you do not wish to land at the assigned runway, ask for a change once. If denied, then I suggest you divert. You could always land on 19R, even though it may not be used in real life. I am sure you would have landed safely. Sometimes you have to mould real-world procedures on the training server to allow for people learning who are uninformed.


When we control Gatwick for example, we don´t use RW 26R for Deps if it´s possible but sometimes traffic doesn´t allow it to be handled like that so we use 26R and L. Sometimes efficency has a higher priority then Realsim. All I want to say is that ATC wouldn´t usually deny this without a reason ( Training Server, im not sooo sure).
Hope you get the best experience even tho it isn´t allways realistic,
Safe flying

I think y’all are overlooking this


@Sahiltr. MaxSez: Lots of sound advise so far. Here’s my take:
On the Trainer it ez to determine the competence of the controllers running the show. Just listen to each ATC node as you pre-flight. The new kid or novice Controller stands out. When ready from your spot
select your desired rway with the shortest taxi and shortest line up and ask for it. If the ground response chooses their alternate you don’t like send “Correction” resend you runway of choice. If you get a repeat their rways of choice direction I suggest my option. My option is to Punch Out and change start airport location. I wanna Fly and not be hobbled by a hard head at the bottom of the Trainer fish tank. You’ll never have this problem on Expert. ATIS set Procedure. Just sayin.
Max Sends
(Not having ATIS on the Training Server is a Laps of good judge. Provide the tools they will sink or swim, Training Controller have a thirst for knowledge, an additional challenge will cull the herd)


As alluded to above, the training server is just that. The ATCs there are learning and might not be be familiar with runway length requirements for an A380. If the ATC is on the IFC you can try to contact them.

On Expert, IFATC will be aware of the different runways available, the runway lengths and will direct you appropriately. You should first check ATIS and if you request a runway on pushback you can ask (once) for the runway again when you taxi. We will generally grant your request if it is an active runway and will have you taxi there. If not, please respect the Ground’s instructions, as there is likely a reason for it. All IFATC are on the IFC and are always happy to discuss why they do what they do.

But he was taking off from KSFO not landing

Same thing. Just drop an extra flap down. Everyone is learning on the server so you need to take that into account


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