ATC asleep at the switch?

Maybe someone can help me understand why I’m sitting at LAX waiting at least 5 minutes for clearance to take off and the planes behind me getting impatient, going right passed me and taking off without clearence but no response from ATC.
What gives?

They probably didn’t close the app or fell asleep etc.

There’s probably heavy traffic on final or he’s busy with another runway


If this is on playground, its completely normal! fly on advanced-the ATC won’t fall asleep ;)

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Yeah it’s on playground but even then they should have been spanked. You shouldn’t be able to just blow past people while waiting for clearance. Just wrecks it for everyone. There should be a second playground just for the spoiled children who can’t or won’t follow eve the basic rules of aviation.


Innocent look, whistling


Bursts out laughing 😂

From my experience, Advanced server never fully covered by ATC like playground is. I really enjoy it when I’m handed off from tower to departure to center to approach and tower again. Especially when I’m fully vectored all the way. Usually a rare event but I love it.

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am,en!! I love it when I’m vectored the whole way. It’s just so refreshing and makes me feel like I’m really flying. That is the beauty that FDS brought in this flight sim

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Yes. It makes a huge difference especially when controllers are fully competent.
Always frustrating when I’m at 14,000 feet and I’m told to contact ground control cause I’m taxing without authorization, lol.
Wish I had a way of saying: "huh?!! Hello?

Huh? Hello? Do you realize I am in the air? If I contacted ground they would be like “moron contact tower I only deal with grounded craft”!
I got that from a controller on pg once. Cracked me up like what the heck I’m not contacting ground for a taxirule when I’m at FL300

Yep. Drives me insane when I repeatedly asked to do something that is so obviously wrong but I have no way to tell them that they need a one way trip back to the lollipop factory. Lol

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Wish I had a way of saying “Please contact basic understanding of ATC instructions”

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If they’re actually inactive they get kicked after 60 secs.

That’s why I hate controlling at playground

Ehh… That has happened. Hahahah


Some ATC control on PG especially on bigger aerodomes like LAX are pretty new, yet they take up position on ground and tower. Sometimes they get so flooded on tower and ground they forgot where they are. It might seem like the have spent 2mins on ground clearing pushback and taxi instructions but in reality they forgot completely they have a line of tower request holding for 5mins or more and usually they abandon post here.

This was what it was like for me when i went ahead and took tower and ground when i was new, i wasnt able to manage both efficiently. I get many people asking me for take off clearance 3 times or more, people asking for landing clearance, people requesting push back and are ready to taxi.

Since then i no longer take both position on such high traffic aerodomes but i think this might be the reason for your wait =p

Advanced controllers i much more prepared for this i believe. On top of that, the lag on KLAX as tower and ground, it happens to me xD

Thanks for explaining the process and the juggling you guys do when handling all 3 roles as ATC. I think trying to do it at an airport like LAX is simply not possible and shouldn’t be attempted. I hope over time, more controllers will be coming onboard to share the load…

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Oh boy…the truth reveals itself 😂

The traffic is too high for 1 person xD Especially not with many people who are new to ATC commands and all =p