ATC Approach

Is the click and drag feature for heading when performing ATC Approach available? If not, what about the 360 Deg Grid?

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Try on ts1. You’ll see

Yes there is! Click on an aircraft and drag on the screen, there is a click and drag feature that shows which altitude and heading an aircraft should go ;).


And it will work on an iPad as well?

It should work on any device that runs Infinite Flight.

Thanks! Figured it out now. Any tricks to assigning altitude?

After you drag the line to the location you want to vector to you can release and it will give you multiple options, one of them being a altitude directive.

Like… what altitudes at what distance? The drag to vector feature will show the distance to where you drag to, as well as ETE, which is useful when an aircraft is below 10k

Put them lower than you think they need to be to be on glideslope, without putting them into terrain. The end of the cone is about 3000 feet above the field elevation.

Here is a good tutorial


Oh my. I’ve been doing it the old fashion hard way for ages. I feel so small and stupid after seeing this feature 😅

That was removed a year ago or so.

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