ATC approach

This atc command can be added to IF when there is no approach services…

like during approach, controller will tell u to follow the traffic on left base of runway, but there is times that more then 1 or 2 aircraft are in the left base and on different heading towards the runway.
so am asking would this be better?
SINGAPORE 12, number 3, behind and follow SPEEDBIRD 820 on left base of runway 27R.


What…? You already do this.

I believe that he is referencing an automated approach controller.

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yes something like this, or the tower can do it.

To my knowledge, the tower frequency has the ability to sequence aircrafts.

Tower already gives you this exact pattern command today. This is one of the items that is tested for during ATC testing.

sorry Mats, didnt mean to reply.

They can already sequence aircraft. I think the only difference I see is here that you want them to tel you the callsign or username of who to follow. While it sounds good, it would be unrealistic. You cant do that IRL in the air so you wouldn’t want to do it on here either unfortunately.


For the sake of realism this won’t be added. Thanks!