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In an effort of getting better doing things right. Usually with approach the approach ask you to switch to tower frequency when just about to enter airport area. Question is what’s proper communication when approach did not or is late at transferring you to tower.
Yesterday as no switch came yet and I was then within airport circle I reported airport in sight to approach and requested change of frequency to tower. I got reply to check tutorials and still did not get a tower response.
Approach was fabulous at spacing all traffic to rw and I was no3. By time i was no 2and tower still didn’t respond to me so I reported position a final to tower - i got tutorial warning again and then tower told me officially I’m no2.

I did read most tutorials but it’s unclear what to say when one of the atc is not acting or his late at acting (it was lagging as I’m reading not listening to atc)

Ps this tower also asked me to go around when I was below 20ft

Approach should hand you off to tower once you are established on the loc or have reported airport in sight for a visual approach. If this is on the Expert Server, I would wait for the frequency change. They know what they’re doing. If on training server, then you just have to deal with it. Everyone is still learning.

(Like @CaptainAaron said down below, only report airport in sight if you are flying a visual)

What airport was this at?

Airport in sight is used for pilots flying a visual approach which is why you will have been sent check help pages. The decision to change could be based upon the approach route or terrain environment. If it gets super late and you’re established on the glide slope at about 1500 feet above ground level then request a frequency change. But generally just wait and they will switch you when appropriate

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In addition after being handed off to tower the correct thing to do is report on the ILS runway xx if flying a ILS approach, if flying visual you would use inbound on the visual runway xx. Reporting on final is used when flying traffic patterns or there was no approach controller

If you are unsure or uncomfortable with any situation just abort. In this case you could have just declared a go around. Tower would have told male left or right traffic and then handed you off to approach again.

Talking about Expert, if you are really close, ask for a frequency change. If you are in the circle, it doesn’t mean anything, just airport’s coverage area. Do not report “airport in sight” unless Approach has specifically asked for it when you are on a visual!!

IFATC Controllers are really skilled guys and they know what they are doing:)

P.s. Tower told you to go around because there was an aircraft on the runway. Always go around, it’s for your virtual safety… Approaching minimums is not for you not to go around, it’s if you don’t see a runway you have to abort landing
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