ATC approach rules

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I Just have a quick question regarding ATC rules, if I have engaged with ‘approach’ and have been told cleared for visual on r(“”)” I’m then told to contact tower, does that mean I am cleared to land or do I then need to contact tower for landing approval?

You will have to call inbound on the visual to tower, for which you would receive a sequence (if needed) and a clearance.


Yes, you still have to call inbound, they’re gonna sequence you into the path. Also what he said ^

Adding onto what they’ve said ^^^
A common mistake people make when switching to tower is reporting final… Don’t do this. Call inbound instead.
Only do this if you haven’t received a clearance when you are on short final.

Approach clearances
Cleared Visual > ILS > GPS all means you’re cleared for the approach. This doesn’t mean you’re cleared to land. Once approach hands you off to tower you say the following

ILS / GPS > inbound on the ILS / GPS runway #
Then tower will clear you
Visual > Inbound on the visual runway #
Then tower will clear you
If you were FF (flight following) or RV (Radar vectors) you will receive a pattern entry and sequence (if req) and then a clearance.

Answer to your question:
Approach clearing you for an approach does not mean you’re cleared to land. you will need to do as I said above- depending on the type of approach :)


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