ATC Approach Path Control

Hello Infinite Flight Community,
This is the first time me posting in the features section so please forgive me if there are any mistakes I have made.

Have you ever flown into large events, like Friday Night Flight and the others created by the other community members? Maybe you do, and there is one thing in common, the airspace is incredibly packed. This situation will really make the controllers and especially the approach controller really heavy load while accepting huge amount of traffic.

Feature suggestion and explanation
So how do we improve this situation? The idea that I have thought is to allow approach controllers to have the option to set an approach path prior to opening the section.
Pilots who are inbound to that airspace or airport will be required to follow the flight path set by the approach controller.
On the pilots’ interface, when tapping on the airport, other than showing the active ATC frequencies and the elevation, there will be another button that allows pilots to choose. That button will be stated like this “import approach path”. When this button is pressed, the approach path that is set by the controllers will override the flight plan set my the pilots. That action can be done by directing the nearest way point that is set by the pilot that best fits the approach path. If the pilot has already flew past the approach path for whatever reason, the aircraft will be directed to the first approach way point that the ATC has filed.
On the ATC’s interface, there will be another section on the left hand side of the screen, called “Approach path”. In that interface, the approach controller can set up a approach path that can best hold the amount of traffic and align with the runway.

With the introduction of this feature, the approach controller will no longer to have to vector aircraft from time to time to make sure that the planes will are in the right place in the right time. Approach controllers will only have to vector altitude changes and speed controls.
From an ATC perspective, organizing the approach airspace will be easier than ever, which means the controller will be able to handle more traffic than vectoring different planes manually one by one.
From pilots’ perspective, they will have less chance of error which will greatly improve professionalism and can be more focused on landing preparations.

(I don’t have the ability to design the concept myself, so I decided to put a photo of an approach chart that approach controllers can follow)



  1. I have searched a number of topics regarding approaching with IRL approach charts, but the specific function or feature that I have stated has never been raised. Therefore I have decided to create this new topic.
  2. It is recommended to only available on Expert Server. Departure can also receive this feature if required in the future.
  3. It is an optional feature that the controllers can use. Airports or airspace’s that uses this feature should state in NOTAMs.

What do you guys think? Will it help the efficiency controlling the crowded airspace? Leave your vote if you like it!

I like the idea, but it seems fairly similar to this:

This is the idea that SIDs and STARs are available in the game to be selected. Not exactly the same concept as ATC doesn’t choose which are active, but I think it is roughly the same concept.

I like both ideas though!


Thank you for your support!
Yes indeed I have come across this thread before, but this feature required the cooperation from ATC and pilots in a system that can be set prior to the section begins.

In the feature I have introduced above, not only does it use SIDs and STARs, but allow approach controllers to create their preferred way of approach path into that certain airport. Which is different to the thread you stated which only adds SIDs and STARs to the end of the flight plan.

Once again many thanks for the reminder!

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Okay I think I understand. They seem to sort of be in conjunction. The way I see it, you need the first feature before you can have this one, because this is not a request for the procedures to be implemented, just chosen. Is that a fair interpretation?

I am not sure if that features needs to be introduced into the game first prior to this feature being implemented into the sim.
As normal way points can do the same as long as the ATC approach controller assigns them.
I don’t meant they have to follow IRL approach charts, just to give the controllers their way of better organize and controlling the airspace~
You are right, it is not a procedure but a feature…

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Ah okay I get it now. Thanks for explaining. Good luck!

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I love the idea, and think that it would actually be really helpful (especially with airports that have 150+ arrivals).

One question: There’s probably at least one radar controller out there who loves the stress thrill that comes with handling a large volume of inbounds. How would this new idea make them feel if their workload (and therefore fun) was reduced significantly?

Yes, therefore this is an optional feature for the approach controllers to choose from.
If they don’t like it, simply leave that section blank and pilots will follow the normal way that they usually do…

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Makes sense. Great idea, I’ll free up a vote for this :)

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To strengthen the discussion, I would like to add an example to better clear things up.

While approaching from the South of VHHH, approach controllers can set the approach path as shown
(D126U, LIMES, TOMIC, R1686) [07L]
When the pilot passes the way point TOMIC, pilots will intercept the glide slope and inbound for landing.
For ATC, they will be provided with an option to design their own desired path route so pilots will have to follow. In NOTAMs, state that all flight plans should end at a certain way point why arriving from a certain direction, then direct to destination airport.
When the pilots activate “import approach path”, the approach path set by the controllers will be imported into the flight plan of the pilot itself. Then all the pilot has to do is keep the NAV running and begin the descent according to ATC instructions.


  1. To ensure an organised airspace, if approach path control is set by the controllers, ALL pilots who arrive the destination should import the approach path.
  2. Once again, this is an optional feature, if the ATC doesn’t like this feature it is welcome to not use it.
  3. Approach Path is not limited by STARs or SIDs, but way points that are available in Infinite Flight.
  4. If required, ATC always will have the command to allow pilots do vectors other than the approach path, such as 360s etc.

Sounds good.

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I believe an organised airspace will benefit both the controllers and the pilots!

Great idea!
However some approach controllers like vectoring planes in their own way. If this feature were to be implemented i do think their should be a specified minimum amount (200 aircraft inbound in lets say 30min) of aircraft before activating the chart. To help the situation adding an extra button into atis that says “specific approach chart in use” would definitely be useful.

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That is a very great tip!
Yes, some approach controllers love the heavy inbound of traffic and loves to manually control aircrafts one by one (present way). A minimum amount setting seems to be a great add-on to this feature being introduced into the simulator.
I am not sure if IRL ATIS has this kind of commands… As IRL have charts that pilots receive prior to taking off, but if that is possible that would be a really great addition!
Once again thank you for the advice!

Correct, it’s not an ATIS, more a NOTAM I’d say.

Similar to this request. Something like what we use on would be amazing.

Here’s what I use at KPHL, we input the waypoints then use that while controlling.



@Trio Thank you for your reminder!
Yes I have also come across this thread before but I do would like to note some differences…

  1. The suggested approach/pilot waypoint feature is passive and is individual
    That means they are no linkage between ATC and pilots.
  2. The method I suggested can enhance ATC controlling efficiency in terms of arranging where aircrafts go
    Different to the above feature request, which assists by telling the controllers the different altitudes on different way points, my suggestion instead only helps to organise aircrafts in an organised queue without controllers having to vector from time to time. Altitude changes are still under ATC’s vectoring instructions.
    So the suggested feature above only focuses on easier visual cues, while mine works on properly organising airspaces in an easier method.

That is a really nice idea though, if both features combine into one, that would come a long way in terms of ATC controlling! But I will leave that decision to the devs and further development… This feature request is still not quite bright and shining yet…

Once again thank you for the kind reminder!

Yesssss everyone can follow one chart!

Yep you got the meaning!
When everybody follows the same approach path/flight plan, the airspace will be very well organised.