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Hi everyone,
Just a quick question, if I’m approach ATC and I have a request for a specific runway ILS/GPS say about 40-70nm out and it’s quiet, once I’ve checked their FP and establish that they have it all the way in can I just issue “resume own navigation” straight away? as there’s no need at that point to give vectors. If they are coming in effectively and there is no other traffic issues and say 20NM out i could then just give them “expect vectors for…” and then clearance for that runway.

Yes No. You need to watch their speed, alt, and heading. Many times pilots are not at the right speed or alt. U could say resume own nav, but keep an eye out on the speed and alt. You can clear for appr earlier as everything is quiet. I always follow realistic procedures when it’s appropriate. I’m assuming your practicing on TS so it’s very likely pilots will need vectoring and instructions

Ok, before I did I’d check altitude and speed etc and always follow them in. It’s just I was interested as I was flying on expert the other day and a pilot about 70NM out called for a specific runway ILS approach and the controller issues “resume own nav” immediately. Probably until a time that he would need to issue vectors but I’d already landed and parked by the time I got to hear how it finished up

Yep that seems right. Let the pilot come in and correct him when needed. That’s completely fine when it’s quiet. Pilot got cleared for ILS shortly after vectors (if any) probably. Happy controlling and hope to see u as IFATC

Great thanks, you can normally tell a pilots standard by there altitude/speed at certain stages and especially if it’s a grade 3/4/5 and so if it’s fairly quiet traffic and they seem perfectly on track do I still issue “expect vectors for…” right after they request which is what I’d normally do once I’d checked they had a flight plan right in to runway or can you issue a “resume own navigation” until they are closer and then issue clearance etc?

Up to u, but I’d do resume own nav if u don’t want to vector as much. Vector as needed then clear when ready

Yes got it, thanks a lot. Really hoping to become IFATC soon. I’m going to try and apply soon I think, just need to read up a bit more and get a bit more experience but I’ve got nearly 13,000 operations done at mo so I’m getting there hopefully!

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You should give vectors if they’ve requested that otherwise they should request flight following or just check in and that’s it. Otherwise how would the pilot let you know if they want vectors?

Wow that’s impressive. I’m only at like 700 😂 Best of luck!

Thanks! You too 👍

Yes true, if they request vectors to the airport right away id obviously vector them and then assign them to a runway and go through normal ILS/GPS procedure with clearance etc. If they request a particular runway and they have a competent FP I’d let them carry on their own nav/alt until needed

Again if they want to carry on their flight plan with no vectors they should request flight following. That’s the way it’s setup in IF and the reason your response is expect vectors for. Requesting radar vectors to an airport means you put them in the traffic pattern and switch to tower not the ILS.

Right ok that’s really helpful and clears that up, thanks very much!

If someone requests ILS vectors, and you tell them to expect them, you’re vectoring them the entire way.

If they don’t request vectors in the first place, then you can allow them to fly their flight plan.

If they’re that far away, vectors should be minimal anyway. Point them to a downwind entry point, turn downwind, base, final etc. You don’t need to be giving heading changes every five seconds, but they don’t just randomly flip ILS on and off along the way.

Resume on navigation is more for departure. Say they’re following their flight plan but you need to adjust for traffic aversion, then you do that, and resume own nav once clear of the traffic. It’s not meant to be used as a way of ignoring them for the “middle” part of their ILS approach.

If they have a detailed flight plan and want to fly it, they can choose not to request ILS vectors. But if they do, then that’s what they’re on the whole way, not intermittently.

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No problem. The IFATC manual is a good place to look if you have questions.

This is the one available in tutorials.

Right ok that’s all very helpful, thanks for the advice. I’ll keep learning and I’ll refer to the manuals also as I go. Thanks guys

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