ATC Approach in Nairobi


I have noticing something strange today. I was flying the route Adis Ababa - Nairobi today on the expert server. During all my flight, the ATC APP was active in Nairobi airport. Few minutes before descent, the ATC APP was offline. I had to get approach instruction from Tower. After I land, I notice that ATC APP was live again .

Is it a coincidence ? Did someone face same issue today ? Its annoying thay when you are almost at your destination, Approach center goes off.


I apologize for the inconvenience, but controllers have the discretion to conclude their sessions as needed. (after 30 minutes or an hour depending on the airspace) Typically, controllers may become fatigued or have prior commitments, which could lead them to pass control to another controller or end their session. Hope that helps!

Plus, I think it would be extremely petty to end service over one aircraft. 🤣

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Thanks for your reply.

It might be coincidence. I am just afraid its a problem on my side because I had similar issue yesterday in Atlanta.

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It is an unfortunate coincidence. ATC will not be going offline because they’ve seen a particularly aircraft coming in. If you mean some kind of connection thing, no, ATC just goes offline sometimes.

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Thank you for your answer

doesn’t this happen during a transfer?

Maybe. I can’t confirm


This was almost certainly due to a controller change. One controller left while another prepares and gets on. This happens to be a coincidence that this occurred. We apologize.


IFATC are free to open where and when they want. They have to respect a minimum of 30 minutes on C/D airports and 1 hour on bravos. They can stay up to a maximum of 12 hours.

This said, controllers communicates through a Discord server dedicated to IFATC. An active controller have to give there at least a 5 minutes warning prior to close the facility.

Someone then may request to take over the frequencies and there can occur a short disruption of service.

Other times no one else shows up and the freq can be empty for longer until another controller decides to take it.

i see. thank you

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