ATC Approach Bug

I was flying to EGLC for the FNF from Paris. After getting a transition from EGLL TWR I was handed off to EGLL Approach. I requested a FF to EGLC, and was told to “expect the ILS APPR 09L @ EGLC” which makes no sense because EGLC only has a runway configuration of 09/27. This caused some confusion between the controller and myself who thought I was going to EGLL that was eventually resolved, but it is obviously a weird bug that the devs should take a look at. I attacked a photo of the ATC conversation.

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I’d say this isn’t a bug but a navigation error that needs to be changed. The devs might take a look or @ ValXp

@Reedgreat does runway “09L” also Display in the map or just 09.

Just 09 for EGLC.

Hmmm. This could be a readback error in the commands. It may be a small issue. The staff can check it out.

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Correct me if I’m wrong, but it looks like you requested a transition at 7000’ MSL. The max altitude you can request transition is at 5000’ MSL, which probably caused the confusion.

I requested it at 5000. I was at 7000 due to atc vectors.

If you change MSL to AGL, you’re all good 😊

As for the runway number error by @Reedgreat, it would be interesting to test if this error is seen again in a new flight. Is this a one-off thingy, or does it come back. I’ve done Approach for LC before, but only for runway 27…

I thought max height was determined in MSL? Oh well.

I.e. if you were at Aspen transition altitude would be in the mountain if you used msl.

You are correct; in communication between pilot and controller, the altitude is in MSL.
For an airport at sea-level, the transition altitude is indeed 5000 feet MSL.

The general rule, for calculating altitude for transition we will alway need to understand that the airspace in IF has a ceiling of 5000 feet AGL, so transition altitude (in MSL) is very much depending on airport elevation. More on transition altitude here.


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