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Imagine the following scenarios:

Scenario 1:
I had completed my push back and I am ready to taxi. So, I requested a taxi to runway 25R and the ATC cleared me to do so. Then immediately, the ATC went offline and I was switched to Unicom.

(1)Do I need to announce taxing to runway 25R again on Unicom?
(2) If another ATC came online, do I need to request taxi again after the first ATC has already cleared me?

This is also to other situations EG: go arounds, take off, cross runway etc.

Scenario 2: I was ready to take off for a bit of pattern work. After I have lifted off,
(1)Do need to announce “inbound for RWY XXX” on Unicom again or just announce my position (downwind, base or final)?

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ATC’s are able to see the last comms you did, so you do not need to request again. however, if ATC asks for intentions, I would just request again.

for the second scenario, reporting position on each leg is fine. as you are staying in the Pattern, you are not inbound, so calling inbound is not nessecary



Let me try and answer a few of your questions.

If this is on the Expert Server with IFATC then, no, after the controller leaves and Unicom is used, you do not need to re-inform people of your intentions to taxi. Nor would you need to re-request if a new controller came online. Once you’re cleared for something on Expert Server, you may continue with it as the new controller will check the previous messages for context. A friendly position report may help if you’re on final but you don’t need to request inbound on the ILS again, for example.

However, if on the Training Server, I would repeat your intentions for clarity between the controller. There, people are untrained to check for previous messages and may be overwhelmed during a controller change or Unicom takeover. Make their lives as easy and just say your intentions again.


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I don’t think so. The purpose of Unicom is to let others know what you’re doing. If you’ve been cleared to taxi, then other aircrafts on the frequency know that as well.

No, you don’t. If everyone does so, it will be a giant spam to the ATC. ATC can check previous messages with the new update so they know that you’ve been cleared to taxi.

You should just announce your position when doing pattern work with Unicom.

If you’ve been cleared to do so, just do it. No need to announce on the Unicom as I said earlier. Pilots and later ATCs will be able to see these messages. However, if ATC says “please stand by, controller change is in progress”, you should hold for a min or two until the ATC comes online. This is the point most collisions happen when people start to takeoff or cross runway randomly.


Does this allow a controller to see if you announce taxi? I assume that you shouldn’t try and squeeze in an operation during a controller change (and that’s not something I do), but would the controller easily be able to see you did that?

Taxi is fine IMO. The OP asked about taxiing in his first question. I did explain that you shouldn’t be taking off or crossing runways and doing things that will likely cause collisions in my last paragraph. Also, the controller will be able to see the messages sent by previous controllers. So, pilots don’t really need to announce their intentions again. I always get annoyed if they spam me with their intentions. And I normally let the traffic calm down a bit when I first open after controller change. Scan through the airport and get a brief understanding of the current airport situation. I normally won’t ghost at that short period if I see aircrafts taking off without clearance by the last controller or crossing runways.


Thank you!

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