ATC and Pilots... unacceptable

ATC in San Francisco just a few minutes ago. Come on now. Allowing planes to just cross runways without permission, etc. And you pilots, why are y’all landing on top each other (Qatar landed right on top of me) This is highly unacceptable and all on the expert server. I would hit up the ATC on the P.M. but I want the pilots to see this too. All this is all under an ATC’s watch! ATC, pilots, everyone should know better, especially on the expert server. I not trying to cause problems but just take at look at the pics… WOW! @joe @Mark_Denton

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Fly on expert for a realistic experience. ;)

Joking aside, I have to agree with you.


This is on expert

Sorry, made it clear!

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It was a joke.

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Did the person who landed get ghosted?

I can understand from the controllers perspective. I flew out of KSFO earlier, it was very busy. I waited about 7 minutes to be able to cross 01L and 01R because there were so many aircraft requesting things all at one. But the pilots definitely should know better, that is just plain ignorance.


Nothin more than a new controller getting broken in. Good luck Frankeny, you’ll get it.


Oh, oh my god.