ATC and Pilot audio not working

I am mid flight right now and contacted ATC but I couldnt hear my own pilots voice. ATC sent me a message back and I still couldn’t hear it. At the beginning of my flight during departure with unicom I could hear my pilot’s voice but after a couple of hours and I contaced the center I couldnt hear my own nor the ATC. SFX is working throughout the flight. Went into the setting’s online section to hear pilot’s voice as suggested by one user here, didn’t work. My SFX and ATC volume bar is at the highest in the settings. First time it happened to me and as I am nearing my destination airport it would help to what to do. Thnx in advance.
Oneplus 9 pro
Android 12


go to your settings, then scroll to the ATC Voice section. Then, click on the voice you are currently using. You should be able to hear ATC after that. Hope that helps!

I hope you mean this one.
Still not working

and my infinite flight session terminated.
I took a screenshot of this picture and post it here on my mobile device. Infinite flight issued me because I used this in background it terminated me. Now I am flying alone.

Started a new session. I can hear my pilots voice again. So what happened?

Looks like duplicate of Audio Issue.

yeah but I tried to Listen pilot voice once by clicking on pilot voice on the Online section of the settings. I still couldn’t hear anything.

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