ATC and Live Server

So this just happened, and I’m quite confused on what to do,

Right as I requested for taxi, my live server cut off for ~1 minute. In that time, I presumed that taxi was cleared as there was an aircraft right behind me, waiting (thank you to that BA 777 for waiting). Turns out I hadn’t been cleared yet, and luckily IFATC @Mukundan_Srivatsa was quick to correct me. Anyways, in this situation, do I request again or wait?



I’d request again

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I agree with MJP.

While it’s tough for ATCs to deal with the extra load of impatient pilots resubmitting their requests, a brief internet glitch can happen and cause unclarity. You have no other choice than to re-request. It certainly beats taxiing without specific permission.


Hi! I was the controller at the time, as you know, and I think requesting again is probably the best option. It’s not your fault about the server, it happens to everyone. On the ATC side, it’s visible to us that you disconnected for a minute, so there is no harm in requesting again.

Thanks for making a topic to ask about this, it shows that you are motivated to learn and want to know what to do in these situations!

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